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Electromagnetic dry powder iron remover for refractory

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Scope of application:

The electromagnetic dry powder iron remover can remove weak magnetic oxide, filiform rust scale and other pollutants from fine powder materials. Used for ceramic, glass, refractory and other non-metallic minerals, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries purification materials.

Power on diagram:


Power off diagram:


Technical features:

1. Simple connection: during operation, the main engine vibrates. The input and output of raw materials can be connected through the outer pipe or canvas bag.

2. Removal of difficult circulation of fine crops: under the action of vibrating motor, raw materials with volume less than 200 microns or high humidity can pass through the screen uniformly.

3. Handling of high temperature materials: standard models can handle raw materials with temperature up to 70 ℃, while special models can handle raw materials with higher temperature.

4. Simple installation: as long as the bracket is safe, the equipment can be installed at will.

5. Easy cleaning of magnetic filter screen: a tray is placed at the outlet of the material to recover the separated material, and the power is turned off at the same time to demagnetize the screen, which is convenient for cleaning.

6. Complete separation of iron powder and basic materials: basic materials will never enter the separation box.

7. It has the function of real-time temperature monitoring and automatic control. When the oil temperature rises to the set value, the system will automatically alarm until it stops, so as to effectively avoid the coil burning due to high temperature rise.

8. The full-automatic type adopts PLC intelligent control, which can automatically complete all actions such as excitation, feeding, iron discharging, etc. without manual operation, it can reduce the operation cost of the enterprise and effectively avoid the human factors that affect the iron removal effect. Dry powder iron remover color touch screen setting parameters, touch button operation and display working status, and equipped with manual operation panel, advanced technology and humanization.

The technical parameters of the product are as follows:


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