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Tesla meter

Date:2021-06-05  Visit:408次   Author:Weifang Guoming mining equipment Co., Ltd

Product Name: portable digital Tesla meter / Gauss meter HT-20.

Tesla meter is convenient for operators to accurately measure the magnetic induction intensity of DC magnetic field, and can be carried with them for quality control in workshop or processing process. The instrument has the advantages of wide range, easy operation and clear LCD display.

The power supply of the instrument is a 9V dry battery, which can be used for 4 hours continuously. At the same time, 9V DC regulated power supply (attached) can also be used. Its main function: it can measure the surface magnetic field of magnetic materials and the DC magnetic field of space, and the hall sensor for measurement can be matched with longitudinal and transverse sensors according to the customer's requirements.

Relevant technical parameters:

Range: 0 ~ 200MT ~ 2000MT (the panel range is doubled);

Basic error: ± 2.0% reading ± 2 words;

Resolution: 0.1M t

Zero drift: less than 3 words in 30 minutes

Ambient temperature: 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

Relative humidity: 20% ~ 80% (no condensation)

Power supply: a 9V battery

Overall dimension: 160mm × 88mm × 36mm

Instrument weight: 300g

Display mode: 3 LCD

Display unit: MT

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