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Grid type iron remover

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Grid type iron remover is one of the main machinery and equipment of our company. The equipment is usually drawer type iron remover (box type grid), rotary grid iron remover, fluted iron remover and other types. It is mainly used in food processing, ceramics, chemical industry, lithium battery materials, carbon black, flame retardant, plastics and other industries, and can be used for sorting and removing iron impurities in materials.

Precautions for the use of iron remover:

1. Before using the machine, make the relevant preparation for starting the machine, check the cover, and install and debug the machine for the first time. Only when the inspection or trial operation is normal can it be put into use.

2. The mechanical use shall be carried out according to the relevant operation instructions.

3. If there is any abnormal or fault during the use, stop the machine and maintain it in time.

4. For the machinery used, pay attention to the relevant cleaning and maintenance work. The machine can be cleaned once a week on a regular basis when returning to the city. According to the actual situation, it can also be cleaned once in two days; Regularly fill the bearing gears of the machine with lubricating oil; If there are many powder at the iron outlet during the use, it is normal phenomenon, mainly because the iron and magnetic material of powder is relatively large.

If you have any problems in the process of purchasing and using the iron remover, you can call the manufacturer. More details of the mechanical products of iron separator and magnetic separator, please leave your message or call for consultation!

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