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Iron remover for oil cooled slurry

Date:2021-06-05  Visit:473次   Author:Weifang Guoming mining equipment Co., Ltd

Product Name: GDS electromagnetic oil cold slurry iron remover

Product Description: gds- Ⅱ automatic continuous feeding electromagnetic slurry iron remover is the second generation invention patent product of our company. The product is upgraded from the original intermittent feed to continuous continuous feeding, and the output has increased by 1.5-2 times.

The application range of the iron remover for oil-cooled slurry is wide: it can be used for iron removal of mobile liquid ferromagnetic substances in glaze slurry, mud, pigment, feldspar powder, kaolin, quartz sand, silicon carbide, and water coal slurry, emulsification oil, chemical raw materials, food and other industries.

Product structure diagram:


Operation method:

1. Open the inlet and outlet valves

2. Close the slurry return valve and iron discharge valve, and open the magnetization device.

3. After a few minutes (it can be set according to the needs), close the inlet and outlet valves, open the return valve, and discharge the remaining slurry in the iron remover through the return valve.

4. Cut off the magnetic field and close the inlet valve, outlet valve and return valve.

5. Open the iron discharge valve to discharge the iron containing substances adsorbed in the magnetic medium.

Technical features:

1. The company's new patented technology realizes continuous automatic feeding, changes the intermittent feeding mode, and increases the output.

2. The full-automatic type adopts PLC intelligent control to automatically complete all actions such as excitation, feeding and iron discharging.

3. Forced oil-water mixed cooling, low coil temperature rise ensures the induction magnetic field strength.

4. It has the function of real-time temperature monitoring and automatic control to avoid the coil burning due to the high temperature rise.

5. The brake valve is made of imported material. The valve body is strong and durable, and there is no residual slurry overflow after closing.

6. The magnetic mesh is made of special material. After the power supply of excitation coil is cut off, there is no remanence and it is easy to remove iron.

Relevant technical parameters:


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