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Rcdd self dumping electromagnetic iron remover

Date:2021-06-05  Visit:806次   Author:Weifang Guoming mining equipment Co., Ltd

Rcdd self unloading electromagnetic iron remover is a kind of self cooling iron remover. The magnetic circuit of the equipment is designed by computer simulation, which has the characteristics of large penetration depth and strong magnetic force. The internal part of the equipment is poured with special resin for electrician, which is suitable for all kinds of harsh environmental conditions. It is mostly used for iron removal of any material in front of the crusher and on the conveyor belt. The self cooling fully sealed structure has the advantages of dust-proof, rain proof, salt spray proof and corrosion resistance.

Technical features of self unloading electromagnetic iron remover:

1. The equipment has the advantages of automatic iron unloading, simple maintenance, drum waist structure, automatic belt deviation correction function, and specially made fully sealed bearing seat, which can realize long-term trouble free operation.

2. The products have good matching, complete functions of rectifier equipment, manual and centralized control functions, which can meet the requirements of various occasions.

3. It can effectively absorb 0.1-50 kg ferromagnetic materials mixed in non-magnetic materials.

Technical parameters:

Rcdd common


RCDD Super strong


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