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RCDB Disc type iron remover

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Rcdb disc type iron remover is a kind of dry electromagnetic iron remover. The inner part of the equipment is poured with special resin for electrician, which is suitable for all kinds of harsh environment. The equipment is mainly used for iron removal of any material in front of the crusher and on the conveyor belt. It has the advantages of dust prevention, good waterproof performance, strong insulation performance and high heat dissipation effect.

On the premise of ensuring the magnetic field suction performance (mainly in), the number of coil turns is increased, the power density is reduced, so the heat source is greatly reduced, the temperature is controlled within 70 ℃, and the service life of the iron remover is prolonged. When the iron remover is installed, it can be installed in the head and middle of the belt conveyor in combination with the site installation position. After installation, check whether the installation height is correct, whether the hanging device is firm, and whether other traveling trolley, voltage and electrical components of the control cabinet are in good condition


Technical features of the equipment:

1. The inner part is poured with special resin for electrician, with self cooling fully sealed structure, which is dust-proof, rain proof and corrosion-resistant;

2. The wave fin type heat sink greatly increases the heat dissipation area and effectively controls the temperature rise.

3. The magnetic circuit is designed by computer simulation, which has large penetration depth and strong magnetic force.

4. It can effectively absorb 0.1-50 kg ferromagnetic materials mixed in non-magnetic materials.

Technical parameters:

Rcdb common


RCDB Super strong


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