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Rcyp permanent magnet manual iron remover

Date:2021-06-05  Visit:443次   Author:Weifang Guoming mining equipment Co., Ltd

Rcyp permanent magnet manual iron remover is a type of iron remover. When choosing the equipment, users should choose it according to the actual situation or requirements. In the process of purchasing equipment, if you don't understand, you can consult the relevant personnel of the manufacturer or other professionals.

Related introduction of the equipment: the equipment is mainly used with various types of conveyors to manually remove ferromagnetic impurities from non-magnetic materials.

Technical features:

1. The magnetic circuit of the equipment adopts computer simulation design, perfect double magnetic pole structure, with the technical characteristics of high magnetic field intensity, large gradient and large suction;

2. Our company's equipment uses high-performance NdFeB as magnetic source, which has high magnetic energy product and is not easy to demagnetize. Demagnetization in eight years is not more than 5%.

3. The chain, chain wheel and scraper of the equipment constitute a manual iron cleaning mechanism with simple structure, convenient iron unloading and no power consumption.

Relevant technical parameters:


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