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Powder iron remover

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Powder iron remover powder iron remover is the third generation invention patent product of Guoming company, patent number 201810649439.5. In view of the low processing capacity of fine powder and ultra-fine powder, the medium net is improved, and the output of the original single machine is increased by 2-3 times.

Under the action of vibrating motor, raw materials with volume less than 200 microns or high humidity can uniformly pass through the medium. Standard models can handle raw materials up to 70 degrees Celsius, while special models can handle raw materials at higher temperatures. A tray is placed at the outlet of the material to recover the separated material, and the power is turned off at the same time to demagnetize the screen, so as to facilitate the cleaning work.

Many factors should be considered in the selection of iron remover. The selection of supporting equipment has a great influence on the use of iron remover. When purchasing equipment, customers need to consider whether the conveyor belt, bandwidth, inclination angle, material properties, humidity, thickness, amount of iron in the material, properties of ferromagnetic materials, requirements for iron removal and use environment, etc.

Notes on maintenance of iron remover:

1. When using the iron remover, check the power supply circuit regularly to prevent the damage of the motor caused by short circuit, check whether the fan of the motor is worn, and add the lubricating grease of the reducer; All drive roller bearings shall be inspected and replaced in time in case of heating; Pay attention to the belt wear and replace the damaged part in time.

2. In the working process, the bearing oil temperature may rise due to the continuous operation of the equipment or other reasons. Then you need to stop working immediately, find the direct cause and carry out maintenance.

3. Attention should be paid to the maintenance of the bearing. Regular lubrication can prolong the service life of the bearing.

4. Pay attention to rain proof and moisture-proof when using and storing the equipment.

5. When moving and using the iron remover, the working face shall be protected from severe impact and vibration. The electromagnetic iron remover shall be installed outdoors, rain proof facilities shall be installed, and the circuit from the iron remover to the control cabinet shall be checked.

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