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Permanent magnet iron remover

Date:2021-06-05  Visit:730次   Author:Weifang Guoming mining equipment Co., Ltd

This equipment is one of the equipment produced and supplied by our company. It is suitable for removing iron from non-magnetic materials on belt conveyor, vibrating feeder and discharge chute. It can also be used in coal transportation ports, large thermal power plants, coal mines, mines, building materials and other places with high iron removal requirements. When users purchase equipment, they should consider the actual use situation, including impurity removal rate requirements, construction environment and site.

Technical features of the equipment:

1. The equipment is composed of NdFeB permanent magnet with high coercivity and high remanence, which has strong magnetic field and large suction.

2. The equipment is easy to install, easy to use, reliable operation and maintenance free.

3. It can effectively absorb 0.1-50 kg ferromagnetic materials mixed in non-magnetic materials.

Technical parameters:

Rcyb common type


RCYB Super strong


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