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What are the specific operating procedures for using the iron remover?
Author:Weifang Guoming mining equipment Co., Ltd  Time:2021-06-05 Number of hits:516

1、 How it works

Permanent magnet separator is composed of high coercivity and high residual magnetism, such as "NdFeB". When the granular material is directly transferred to the permanent magnet iron remover, the material mixed with ferromagnetic impurities is about 0.1-0.36 kg to be absorbed. As the belt of the iron remover continues, when the adsorbed ferromagnetic material is scraped by the iron belt in the non-magnetic area, it is thrown into the iron box to achieve the purpose of continuous automatic iron removal.

2、 Operating procedures

(1) General requirements

1. You must go through the occupational safety, technical training, pass the examination, and obtain the operation qualification certificate before you can work.

2. Be familiar with the operation process and the amount of impurities in coal.

3. Be familiar with the structure, performance and working principle of iron, iron, and its operation method, safety requirements and troubleshooting.

4. Strictly implement the safety regulations of coal preparation plant, technical operation procedures, post responsibility system, transfer system and other relevant regulations.

5. Be sure to wear labor protection articles and protect your own safety.

(2) Safety regulations

1. During the operation of the belt type self discharge permanent magnet, it is strictly forbidden to stay in the front of the unloaded iron or enter any part of the lower part of the discharge chute.

2. When the belt conveyor and iron remover are in operation and working conditions, iron removal is strictly prohibited.

Don't wash this equipment with water!

4. It is strictly forbidden to stand at the bottom of the iron ware to clean the iron ware and other sundries.

(3) Regulations for normal operation

1. The permanent magnet iron removal device must be activated before the main belt is driven. When the main belt is pulled, the parking can only be stopped.

2. Iron absorber should be collected and cleaned in time. The detonator was found to have to be transferred to the workshop.

3. Frequently check the operation of the equipment in the process of work. When the tape is closed and the connector is open, it must be stopped.

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